reaching the world through the power of the holy spirit.

Healing Well Of JESUS Ministries Intl.


About us

We are a Healing and Deliverance Ministry. With the mission to spread the love of CHRIST and bring healing to the hurting.

We are called by the LORD to go into the nations and preach the gospel of JESUS CHRIST and bring healing deliverance to the people. 

What we do
Bringing the hope and love of JESUS
Come join us

Changing our perception and renewing our minds through CHRIST JESUS.


Free classes available and taught by highly trained professionals and Professors. All books and class supplies are free to students.


Weekly cloth drive. 


Weekly food donations and giveaways.

Bringing healing and deliverance to the nation through the power in the name of JESUS.

Help us raise money for our humanitarian causes worldwide.

Are your wings broken?

GOD wants to heal your broken Wings so that you can soar to new heights with him...

GOD’s Business Acumen.

Let the Lord Download His Marvelous Business Acumen to You In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, having business acumen is indispensable. But what does business acumen truly mean? Business...

Taking Advantage Of The Introductory Price.

Understanding the Introductory Price: A Call to Act with Faith and Wisdom In the business world, an “Introductory Price” is a promotional price offered for a limited time to attract...

GOD Is Your Exceedingly Great Reward.

GOD Is Your Exceedingly Great Reward Understanding What It Means for God to Be Our Exceedingly Great Reward In our walk of faith, understanding the depth and breadth of God’s promises to us is...

Your Weakness, GOD’s Strength!

Your Weakness, God’s Power. Your Weakness, God’s Strength. As children of God, we are called to rely entirely on Him, acknowledging our weaknesses and embracing His power. It’s an...

Expect The Unexpected From A Loving Father.

Expect the Unexpected from a Loving Father As children of God, there is one fundamental truth we must hold onto: God loves us immensely and unconditionally. His love is everlasting and unwavering, and...

Cast Not Your Pearls To Swine.

Do Not Cast Your Pearls to Swine: A Biblical Perspective on Discernment and Relationships In the journey of life, we encounter various relationships and interactions. Some are enriching, while others...

Time To Kickstart.

Time to Kickstart: Embracing Your Divine Assignment In the journey of life, there comes a moment when the call to action reverberates through the depths of our being. It’s a summons to awaken...

Time to Kick the Ball.

It’s Time to Kick the Ball: Taking Action in Faith In the exhilarating game of soccer, one of the most crucial actions is kicking the ball. It’s the pivotal moment where intention meets...

The LORD Is Rewarding You With a Penalty Kick.

The Lord is Rewarding You with a Penalty Kick: Embracing Divine Favor and Seizing Opportunities In the realm of soccer, there are moments that can define the course of a game, and perhaps none more so...


17 He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.

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