GOD’s Business Acumen.

Let the Lord Download His Marvelous Business Acumen to You In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, having business acumen is indispensable. But what does business acumen truly mean? Business acumen is the ability to understand and apply various aspects of business effectively. This includes strategic thinking, financial literacy, market understanding, decision-making, and leadership skills. It …

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Time To Kickstart.

Time to Kickstart: Embracing Your Divine Assignment In the journey of life, there comes a moment when the call to action reverberates through the depths of our being. It’s a summons to awaken from dormancy, to step into the purpose for which we were uniquely crafted. This moment is not just about stirring from slumber; …

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Time to Kick the Ball.

It’s Time to Kick the Ball: Taking Action in Faith In the exhilarating game of soccer, one of the most crucial actions is kicking the ball. It’s the pivotal moment where intention meets action, where strategy turns into movement. But beyond the field, in the journey of faith, kicking the ball takes on a profound …

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