“I Know You Are Tired”

             Feeling Exhausted?

The Miracle Awaits!

I sensed a clear message in my spirit: “I know that you are tired.” And I realized it wasn’t just for me but for many others too.

Today, the message from the divine is clear: He sees us. He hasn’t forgotten us. Everything that concerns us matters deeply to Him. For some, it may feel like prayers have gone unanswered, efforts have been fruitless, and hope is slipping away. But take heart, for God sees you, and help is on the way.

Remember when the disciples, weary from fishing all night without success, encountered a miraculous intervention? They were at their wits’ end, unaware that a miracle was imminent. Often, it’s when we least expect it, at our lowest points, that the divine reveals itself with awe-inspiring miracles, leaving us in utter amazement.

I can relate to the discouragement of laboring without seeing results. As I write this, I’ve been tempted numerous times to return to the familiar corporate world, despite feeling called to full-time ministry. Let me tell you, answering the divine call isn’t easy. It demands a deeper level of faith, trusting in the divine plan even when it’s unclear.

Abraham’s journey serves as a poignant example. He followed the divine command without knowing the full plan, walking in blind faith. Similarly, we embark on our journeys, trusting in divine guidance, even when the path ahead seems obscure.

So, can the LORD count you as a friend, as it did with Abraham? Ponder on that for a moment.

Today, I want to reassure you that the divine’s love for you is boundless. Though the journey may be long and wearisome, remember, Jesus showed up for the disciples at the midnight hour. They obeyed His command to cast their net, and a miracle unfolded before their eyes. Their nets overflowed with an abundance of fish, a testament to the power of faith and obedience.

May this story become yours—a testimony of divine intervention in your life. And in those moments, remember to give all praise and glory to our GOD almighty.

Blessings to you all,

With love overflowing,


Healing Well of Jesus Ministries Intl.

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